Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spent this weekend camping with Allen's parents, his sister's family, and some family friends. Truly a great time! Kids spent time at a park, at the beach, with friends and cousins, they went fishing and had great food! I learned something by observing my in-laws this weekend, too.

They never homeschooled, and really have no need to delve into it now ... Allen being their youngest and having graduated ... ohh .... 16 years ago. Its was never something they wanted or felt called to do ... yet here they are excited about it ... reading about it ... and attending homeschool conferences with us. Why? Because they're children are doing it. I hope that when my children are grown I can show the same passion and interest in their lives. Allen's parents have been some of our greatest supporters and encouragers along the way. I was hesitant to tell them 4 years ago when we decided to pull Miakyla from public school and start homeschooling. My father -in-law had been on the school board for 15 years; I wondered how he would feel now that we were fleeing from it ... but never once have they criticized us. They heard us out and have come along side us. Again, I hope and pray to be that kind of a parent to our children when they are grown.