Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Unspoken Grief

What a beautiful and brave momma I have met in Devan, a new online friend and blogging mommy. She birthed in her sweet heart, the idea of a community of support for anyone touched (directly or indirectly) by miscarriage, stillbirth & neonatal loss. Certainly, as mommas surviving misscariages we can understand the need for such a community. But I love that she includes spouses, grandparetns and friends in this community. So often loved ones are at a loss as to what they should say, and in that confusion they can often say unhelpful things. I plan to pass along her new online community to as many sources as I can. Not just to friends and family, but to doctors, nurses and ERs.

I invite you to join us at the new online community:

Unspoken Grief

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Why must they grow up so fast?

Was able to visit over coffee with Jo, a sweet bloggy friend, tonight who has the sweetest teeny tiny bundle of joy! I can remember each of my kiddos as tiny bundles ... those newborn smells and new born noises ... they grow up and learn so much so fast! I know thats not a bad thing ... its how God designed human beings, but every now and then a momma has to sit back and sigh as she remembers those sweet newborn days. My youngest is now 2, but her newborn days are well recoded on her blog

Do you ever wonder about your grandparents or great grandparents and how many of them never even owned a camera ... so never really had any pictures to document their kids growing up. My grandma has one 6 month portrait of my mom, but then almost nothing else till grade-school. Its a different sort of thing for me to imagine... but then my kids tell me I am addicted to my camera. They have to withstand several photo sessions each year and I love to look back over them.

April 2009:

Dec. 2009:

July 2010:

Dec. 2010:

And how is it that my sweet little bundle

is now this wildly active 2 year old

And how could THIS sweet little bundle

be 15 years old already?!?!?