Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rejoicing in Stress

What a difference it makes to choose rejoicing ...

Over the last month our 9 year old fractured his leg ... I had another miscarriage ... our 2 year old has continued to not grow and have cycles of diarrhea, so he has now been through 3 blood draws, an upper GI, a stomach and sm intestine biopsy, and a sweat test. We are waiting on results. We were thinking Celiacs, but some of the tests no longer point that way ... although our Dr. wants to repeat tests in 6 months. And we are now rather behind in the schooling dept.

All of that said, I choose to raise my hands and praise my Lord. He is truly an Awesome God. I'll admit that there are days I don't "feel" like praising and rejoicing, but I try. Sometimes its all I can do to read a verse and repeat over and over that I love my Lord! But then there are the moments when we realize that God provided a nurse for our 2 year old that looks like his grandma. So even while he felt funny coming out of anesthesia (after his biopsy) he was very calm, because every time he manged to get his eyes open he thought he saw "bl-lal-lal-la" (that's his name for grandma ... she loves it). I was so shocked that he was not in the least bit frightened or upset when the nurse brought him to us in recovery. Later he called the nurse "bl-lal-lal-la" ... I knew that my mom was not there, so I was confused for a moment, but then I realized that his nurse had the same hair cut and color as my mom and looked a lot like her. I could never have thought to ask for that piece of comfort ... but the Lord provided it anyway. We are so blessed! I hope I can continue to see God's hand in all the small moments and blessings of daily life ... it makes all the difference and I'm reminded to rejoice in all circumstances.


Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

I'm sorry you experienced so many hard days recently, but encouraged by your choice to rejoice in the midst of it. I'll be praying for some answers for your little 2 year old!