Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Due Date!

In honor of my actual due date, I took mom and dad out for pie and coffee tonight. OK, so they took me with them, and they enjoyed an hour of uninterrupted conversation ... well at least uninterupted by my big brothers and sister.

I guess nothing makes a mom feel better than having every waitress in the restaurant stop to "ooohhh and ahhh" over her baby. Seriously, from the door to our table we were stopped by 5 differnt women! Then our waitress just about went bonkers and had to bring over three different waitresses to see the "adorable teeny tiny baby"

I know mommy is very glad that she got to go out to Bakers Square tonight instead of still being pregnant :-) And I'm glad to almost be three weeks old!


Darlene said...

She's adorable, that's for sure!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

AW!! And mmm... Baker's Square!