Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liberty John
Due Date July 1st 2005
Angel Date Nov 15 2004

Elijah Lee
Due Date March 27 2008
Angel Date Sept 7 2007

Eden Sky
Due Date April 2011
Angel Date Aug 2010

Journey Peace
Due Date Nov 29 2011
Angel Date May 2011


Darlene said...

Heather, I enjoy checking back with you now and then to see the progress of your children, meaning how much they have grown since my last visit. Your baby isn't a baby anymore! When I read today's post I knew something happened to one of your children and my hear had such a sinking feeling. I checked your back posts and.....oh my. It doesn't matter the age the pain is the same. I lost my daughter in "06. May God's grace keep you and yours in this journey of life. Forgive me for being so long, I came for a neighbor gave me five copies of a song book her mother wrote and I immediately thought of you. The book is called "Exalting God". If you would like them let me know at Stover Lane how to contact you (I will delete any info you send). And you may delete this long, loooog comment :)