Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homeschool Memoir

Homeschool Memoirs!

Please join us today over atHSBA
They always do such a fabulous job, I'm sure this will be a fun meme to read and participate in.

This week’s theme is about sharing your 2008-09 homeschool agendas and plans. You’ve been preparing your plans for sometime and you’re ready to go. Or you’re still in the planning-stage and need some inspiration or tips on what to use. Because many use different curriculum and methods there is always something new to be gleaned from other homeschoolers. It’s always fun and interesting to see what other’s are using and the WWWWH as Robin Sampson suggests. So this week I hope you will share what you’re doing this year for your homeschool agenda. Share the different curriculum you’re using. You can also include what age/grade you’re using it for, how long you’ve been using it, and why you like it.

Please share a Bible verse that has encouraged you or inspired you during this planning-process, and how.

Hmmm... Agenda ... boy do I feel underqualified to write about that! I think this year I'm not quite with it. I could blame it on a few months of bedrest, and now a new baby plus toddler, school age and teenager, but I guess thats not really a viable excuse. Truthfully, I'm just not really a good planner. I often worry that this makes me a poor teacher. But I am trying. And I've found I really do like using the My Father's World (MFW) Curriculum. I love the God-centeredness and I love the parent/teacher manuels. I love that I can buy the essetials all from MFW online. Our whole purpose for schooling our kids at home is to give them a heart for God and for the nations, MFW does a great job at that!

We started using My Fathers World Curriculum curriculum 3 years ago, which is when I started homeschooling our second child. Unlike with his big sister we never thought about public schooling, we had found MFW and bought the Kindergarten curriculum, then the 1st grade, then he and his big sister did MFW's geography year titled "Exploring Countries and Cultures". In Jan we were supposed to start 3rd grade and 6th grade in MFW's "Creation to the Greeks" And we did begin it, but somewhere in all my Dr. appointments, hospital visits and bed rest we are only on week 10 in the lesson plan book. So I am laying aside my desire to "stay on track" with their public schooled and age/grade counter parts and we are picking up the books again and learning what God has for us to learn, at our own pace. I'm praying that as our new baby develops a little more schedule to her day we'll be able to pick up even more schooling. I do so much enjoy learning as a family.

As for a verse that has encouraged us or inspired us there are a few:

2 Peter 3:18 and Exodus 18:20


Kim said...

Congratulations on your new baby! We are expecting another little on in Nov. also. :-)
Yes they do add some fun to the school planning mix but soon settle down into a pattern.

Anonymous said...

We will begin ECC in our new year also. :)

momofmhasr said...

I remember those days all to well! Praying for you as you school this year.

Mrs. Darling said...

I dont see how anyone does it with little ones in the home. I was babysitting my 9 month old granddaughter since she was born and today is my last day. Now that she is crawling I just cant do it. My hats off to you and many blessings to you family this school year.

eclectic education said...

I hope you have a wonderful year! :)


Karen said...

I felt a sense of dread with the assignment! lol Glad I'm not the only one that doesn't have it all together :)