Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Me Monday! (or umm Wednesday)

Its NOT Monday again??? Already again??? It can't be! Want to play along with us? Want a healthy dose of free, funny, and oh so refreshing therapy? MckMama came up with the hilarious idea to take our not-so-proud moments and spin them around in a delightful therapy session! Come join us!

So Here We GO ...
... No I did NOT start this post on Saturday lest I forget all I have to NOT write about. But then NOT get it posted till Wed. Hmmm ...

No, I did NOT learn this week that we will be closing on our new home July 3rd instead of July 15th! This is NOT great news (ok, it really is) and I did NOT hyperventilate when thinking of all the packing and sorting and decluttering I still have ahead of me.

No, I have not been allowing my almost potty trained 3 year old to run around the house and yard buck naked. You see when he wears clothes he pees in them but if he is naked he always makes it to the potty. Simple solution now that our land is no longer a frozen tundra. Simple solution while we are at home ... not so simple when we are out and about.

No we did not leave my sister's poor nanny with 10 children Thursday night when we went to benefit dinner for THIS wonderful non-profit. And no I did not get to meet THIS wonderfully talented artist:

No we did NOT take all 5 of our kids out to a wonderful campground last weekend for tons of fun in the water and sun and then deny them the pleasure of actually camping. We drove 5 miles down the road and slept at grandma's house instead. While at said park I did NOT employ the talents of THIS wonderful new bloggy friend to take gorgeous pictures of our little Mary which you can see here and here if you would like.

No, my children did NOT get tons of mosquito bites while 'camping'. But hey, we are Minnesotans, we can live with mosquito bites. What I don't want to live with is tick bites. I did NOT feel worried about a few of the bites on our little Mary for most of the week (oh yes I did) And on Thursday they did NOT start to take on that target sort of look and she did NOT start to run a fever (oh yes she did), so off to the Dr's office we went to hear what I feared: she might have lymes disease. So now we try to get her to take antibiotics three times a day for the next 21 days... UGH!

And just before Mary's Dr appointment we did not stop to play at one of our favorite parks and take this picture:

While at this park our 7 year old did NOT fall from the playground and knock the wind out of him. And he did NOT continue to complain of the pains into the night and I did NOT take him to my chiropracto/friend who quickly expected a broken rib and xrayed him to find that yes in deed he broke a rib (T9 to be exact) and he also fractures a vertabrate (L5 to be exact)

No that really was NOT enough excitment for this mama! Oh yes! Yes it really is!!!! Lymes Disease and a broken rib are really just too much at once.

But I did NOT come home only to get my son settled with an icepack on his back and proceed to make these signs to put along side the road that leads to the location of my great grandpa's 90th birthda party.

And no I did NOT promise to deliver a healthy dinner meal to my friend MckMama and then arrive almost an hour later than planned. Sorry about that, dear. And NO her darling charming little Stellan did NOT flip back into SVT as I arrived (oh, unfortunatly yes he did, but is doing much better and at the time of typing he is snuggled safly into his own bed in his owen room)

And then in my panic over the nearness of our house being done I did not decide to let the kids pick out the themes and colors for their bedrooms. Nope, I did NOT take all 5 kids to Home Depot, Menards, Lowes and then another Home Depot to look at paint colors and border ideas. Take my advice here ... 5 kids is toooo many to take with you into those sorts of stores.

Hope you are having a fantastic Not Me Monday or Wednesday or whatever!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great post, and I loved all the pics!!!
Congrats on the new house!