Thursday, January 22, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #22

Over at The Homeschool Post they are hosting a weekly meme, I've not been very good about participating but I am hoping to improve that here in 2009. Please come visit this week's Homeschool Memoirs and join the fun by describing yourself with the ABCs

A - Argentina (I lived there for 3 years as a child)
B - Bonita (the horse we owned when I was a little girl)
C - Coffee Coffee Coffee!
D - Daughter (I'm a daughter and I have 2 daughters)
E - Eggs (one of my favorite foods)
F - Flying (as in an airplane, I love to travel)
G - GOD (I server an awesome God)
H - Heather, thats me!
I - Internet (I certainly use the internet a lot)
J - Jelly Beans (yummm)
K - Kisses (just love those kisses from my kids)
L - Licorice (yummmy)
M - Mom ... I love being a mom!
N - Nice (its very important to be nice)
O - Outdoors (I so enjoy all the wonders God has created in the great outdoors)
P - People, I really am an people person
Q - Quilt, I love the quilts my grandma has made for me
R - Respectful
S - Snow! I love snow
T - Tea
U - United States Navy ... Go Navy!
V - Visit (please visit my daught's ABC list)
W - Warm Water (my favorite way to relax is n Warm Water)
X - Xray, my poor little baby needed a chest xray this
week (absolutly no fun at all!)
Y - Yellow (my favorite blanket is yellow)
Z - Zoo (sometimes I feel like I live in the Zoo! LOL)