Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year From Us - Finally!

Sorry to have been so removed, but our Christmas holidays are usually rather crazy and chaotic. And our New Year celebrations were cancelled due to food poisoning and now due to me and Mary having bronchitis.

We did have a wonderful Christmas. Our church had the most beautiful Christmas Eve service where our eldest played her harp. I so appreciated the opportunity to reflect and think of Christ's birth. To think that our Creator would choose to become an infant in a lowly manger, that He might choose to live among us and save us. Praise the Lord!!!!

We had a great time spending Christmas Eve with my paretns and sisters and another wonderful day at my in-laws for Christmas Day

Our big crazy clan on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Christmas afternoon at my in-laws

Cousins at Christmas


Bria said...

Glad to hear you had a good Christmas! I hope you and your littlest one feel better soon. I recently recovered from bronchitis and know how miserable it can be. You're in my prayers.

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness, hope everyone is fine now!

Beautiful pictures, and how they've grown this past year!

Take care, and God bless

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Sandy