Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Whats a Sundog?

I'd like to go on record as complaining about -4 degrees in the middle of March. Isn't it almost spring? Who ever heard of a -23 degrees windchill in the middle of March???? Well, if you live in MN today you've heard plenty about it. As I pulled out of my driveway this morning I saw this gorgeous sundog in the sky. And I thought what a great Wordless Wednesday post, so I ran back in and grabbed my camera.

These first two are literally from the drivers seat in my truck in my own driveway:

And this one was taken less than a mile down the road:

If you are still wondering what a sundog actually is,
click HERE

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Dani Ray said...

Beautiful Pictures

Hi! It's me, Jen. said...


IE Mommy said...

How cool is that. I never knew of such a thing. Thanks for sharing! Swing by The IE Mommy to see my entry for WW.

Darlene said...

That is amazing. I had never heard of a sundog before. There's always something new to learn on this blogosphere :)