Monday, October 26, 2009

My family and photographs ... hmmm ...

Hi, I'm Heather and yes I can admit it ... I'm a photo-aholic. I love photography!!! I love photography books, photography classes, those great coffee table books of gorgeous pictures, and of course taking my own pictures (especially pictures of my children). Unfortunately for me, my children do not share my love of all things photography ... I mostly blame their dad for this and he gladly accepts the blame. He does not really like having his picture taken and his attitude has certainly rubbed off on our offspring. Hopefully they will also inherit his lack of allergies and very gifted mathematical senses ... I guess we'll have to wait and see about those.

But it was a gorgeous day here today and we have almost reached the end of the beautiful fall colors, so I wanted to get my crew outside to take some family pictures. Now, never mind that half of us are coughing and the other half have runny noses and sinus headaches. Boy am I glad that today is a Not Me Monday!
Becasue I could never be the mom who takes her kids out and snapps dozens of pictures of them while they are not feeling 100% Nope not me! And just what might happen ia a mother might think of doing that? I'm so glad you asked, this is what might happen if a mother might choose to torture her kids in such a way:

turned heads

closed eyes

itchy tushies

and adorable tounges hanging out

And if that was not bad enough I would certainly NOT then try to put the camera on a tri-pod with a timer and get a full family picture with my hubby and I in it too ... I would know better than that:

And after all that fun I would never turn to my hubby and say "its just the location ... lets try a different spot" Why would I ever think that would help?

Boy! Am I glad that today is a Not Me Monday! Please join us over at MckMama's blog for tons more fun and therapy with Not Me Monday! cofessions


Nic said...

Oh My Goodness.....What some cute kids =)

Heather said...

Hi Heather-Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is fun to say Hi Heather from Heather!

Your pictures aren't too bad with having as many subjects as you do. We only have 2 kids and you should have seen our attempt at a Christmas card picture. HORRIFIC! I think that we have one we might be able to use though.