Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Auntie Katie

There is a blog I would like all my friends and family and readers to please visit. This young woman, Katie, is caring for a family of 13 I believe, besides all the others she is trying to help and feed and encourage. My heart leaps with joy to see this woman as Gods hands in the world this way. Praise the Lord for those who place their lives in HIS hands and answer HIS call.

Amazima Ministries International

I know that you will not only be touched but also encouraged by how the Lord is at work in this woman's life. Please take time to pray for Katie and her children and all those involved. Pray that God might show each of us how He wants to use us. Pray that we might be open to the big steps and the little steps he calls us to.

Adoption has been a ministry very close to my heart since high school. Two of my dearest friends placed their babies into wonderful loving adoptive families while were teenagers. I have seen what selfless love this takes. I have also seen the unexplainable joy in the eyes of some friends who are now adoptive mothers. God can use all of us in this ministry.

Not everyone will be called to adopt children but there are so many many other ways to reach out and help. Perhaps it is as a prayer warrior, pray for birthmoms, here in the US and overseas in suffering countries. Pray for moms who are offered abortions, pray that each mom would hear that there are others who long to hold these babies. Pray that these moms might recieve adaquate health care but also emotional care as this is such a difficult road. Pray for the waiting families whose hearts are aching to hold the children they are waiting for.

Perhaps God can use your time or finances to help orphans or birthmoms. Crisis pregnancy centers here in the US and orphanages abroad are always in need of financial donations and heartfelt prayers. Prayer is needed for the governmental officials and processes involved, please pray that God would send His angels into those places to smooth the road and the processes that need to take place so children can be united with their forever families. Please pray for the children waiting in foster homes or orphanages. Pray that God might send wonderful foster parents or orphanage helpers to physically and emotioanlally care for these children in God's name. Again, these are areas God allowed me to have a glimpse into as a teenager. I had a friend who spent quite a bit of her life in foster care, my eyes were opened to many of the flaws in the foster care system, but I also saw that there are some wonderfully kind and giving people involved in helping children in foster care. And I was blessed to be able to be part of a short term mission trip to an orphanage in Mexico. I love, love, love, how big our God is!!! He is present in every corner of the world and He calls His people to step up and help these orphans.

Think about it ... God is the ultimate example of an adoptive Father. He makes us His children and makes us heirs to His kingdom in eternity.


Herb of Grace said...

I appreciated this post a lot. As a former member of the sucky Infertility Club, my dh and I considered adoption for time. I have a friend now who is looking into embryonic adoption. Do you know of any good resources for couples looking into that?

Anonymous said...

Besides loving, God commands us to take care of our widows AND our orphans. I don't know why we rush over those scriptures! They're just as much a part of the kingdom as we and our biological children are! We haven't adopted and aren't led to do it at this time, but we support financially whenever we can and we hope to adopt in the future! Thank you for this post to help get God's Word out there!

Michelle said...

I had to stop in and say hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Adoption is close to my heart. I will go check out Amazima Ministries. Have a blessed day.