Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Bed

Ahhh ... these sweet morning moments when we are both just waking up:

When our oldest daughter was just a few months old we realized that the crib thing was just not working for our family, she stilled nursed frequently, seemed to need another warm body near by and both my dh and I slept better knowing she was right there next to us. So her crib became our oversized laundry basket and we were happy. But then we had to begin defending our way of sleeping. That was back before we had internet, so I found all my information at La Leche League meetings and from other moms, in books and in articles (we spent a lot of time in the library back in those days). I was glad to have the written and researched information to share with those who questioned if sharing a bed with our baby was the "right thing to do" or if it was really safe. I can never judge what is "right" for another mother or another family and I don't want to but for us this has always felt so right. I am so glad we followed our hearts and snuggled all our kids for a time in our "big bed".


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is the SWEETEST thing!