Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crazy Busy Night Turned Into Blessed Time Alone

What does a tired often forgetful and confused mother of five kiddos do when her hubby offers to drop her off at the local coffee house for an hour while he runs the 10 year old to baseball, stops at the bank, feeds the 7 year old and listens to the 3 year old and baby complain from their car seats????? I jump at the chance for an hour of alone time, thats what I do!!! So, yes, here I sit with my book, my phone, my laptop and an iced mocha ... I get one hour to my self. Ahhhhh....

Would it seem odd if I asked one of the employees here to take my picture ... so I can post it on my blog? So I can look back and savor the moment? Probably a little odd ... probably won't do that.

I'm really quite blessed. Quite a few moments to savor in my life lately, like the other morning when I was laying in bed next to our Baby Girl as she woke up. She stretched and cooed, and yawned and stretched again. Then she opened her eyes and when she saw me looking at her she smiled and reached her hand out with her chubby little pointer outstretched and touched the tip of my nose, then giggled at her self. So sweet and so adorable.

And earlier today as I sat at an indoor park with a dear friend and her kids, we watched our three year old boys becoming great friends as they practiced their farm animal noises and spiderman moves. How sweet to still be close with a friend I've known since third grade and see our kids enjoying each other.

Also earlier today I received an email from my teenage daughter with this link to a bible study she would love to do. She has always had such a sweet sensitive heart and I've seen her passion grow for the persecuted church this past year. How wonderful to see her passions growing in the Lord.

I've struggled lately with the hurt and unfairness of this world: Friends losing their jobs, no longer able to afford their houses, other friends losing their battle with cancer, still others watching as their child suffers with cancer or other health complications. I can't make any sense of it all ... but then I was not made to understand it all. I was made -created- to glorify HIM, to worship my Lord, Creator, Savior. I have notes on bible verses supporting this at home, but of corse I'm not at home I'm in a coffee shop thinking, typing and enjoying my iced mocha. So please be patient with me, I'll add those verses later tonight or tomorrow morning. But back to my point ... I can't ... simply can not and never will be able to really understand many of the things that happen to me or to others in this life here on earth. But I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that one day I will stand in Heaven at the feet of the One who created not just me, but this entire world and He does understand, he does see the big picture and He loves us with a love we can not possibly understand the depths of. So I continue to talk with my God, my Savior, my Creator through prayer and I continue to listen to Him through His Word. I trust and I continue ... And at times I'm blessed with moments like these to savor


Anna said...

How nice to have time to yourself! And even better that your husband suggested it! I love your blog, btw.