Sunday, May 03, 2009

This is NOT my very first Not Me! Monday post, but yes it is

I have followed MckMama's blog since about the time their sweet little MckMuffin was miraculously born, and just as many many many of you out there in cyber/blogger land I've followed her blog and tweets quite closely these last weeks as MckMuffin was hospitalized. I'm thrilled that MckMama and all her MckKids are home, healthy and getting back to a 'new normal'. She is once again hosting her Not Me! Mondays. I have loved reading many of these, but just never got around to participating ... so heres to my very first Not Me! Monday

Nope I have not stalked MckMama's blog and Twitter page, watching for all the updates on Stellan these past 7 weeks. Wow, has it really been 7 weeks? I guess it has. And no I did not send her countless comments, tweets and emails letting her know I was praying and wished I could do more. No, I did not lift countless prayers for MckMama and her family. But YES, yes I really did and what an honor to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ. What a great God we serve!

No indeed this has not been an incredibly loooong week at our home. No my dear dear hubby did not sign up for overtime both Sat and Sun, thereby completely eliminating our weekend. No I am not completely exhausted and about 100 hours behind on sleep. No I did not let the boys call him at work when the fighting over someones toy just would not stop. No I did not say "I don't know what to do ... here I'll dial, you call and ask your dad"

We have a teething 11 month old in this house and nope, no way do I allow her to chew on anything and everything just to keep her from chewing on me. Just a few of the things that I have NOT allowed her to hold and chew on do not include: her brother's socks, her daddy's empty beer bottle, my bottle of Coke, my wrist watch, the kitchen chairs, any number of bracelets, the egg timer, an unpeeled banana, lots of tupperware, and hair barrettes. And even before the teething began she really was the MOST oral child I have ever had (and I do have 5). I certainly have not ever fished newspaper, or LEGOS, or gum wrappers, or beads, or her brother's pet rocks out of her mouth. I would Never.Not.Ever. need to pull a chewed up ladybug out of her mouth oh no not me! ....oh no, not here! And then I did not shutter while yelling "ick ick ick!!!"

This same 11 month old had an ear infection that would not end (December-March), and we tried everything, so she finally ended up with tubes being placed in her ears almost a month ago. Praise the Lord she is ear infection free! But we have noticed a real lack of balance in her this past month. Related? Possible, but who really knows. As a result of this lack of balance she has her own Not Me! Monday woes to share. To read her Not Me! Monday post please visit her blog here:

Well, there you go, my first Not Me Monday. And I certainly did not enjoy writing that, it was not thereaputic at all and I will not be back next monday (But really, oh yes I did, oh yes it was and oh yes I will)

To enjoy some free therapy and hear what others have not been up to please visit MckMama's blog


BlogBaby said...

Oh goodness! Dirty socks are my personal fav also....and pinecones...yummy!!

Great Not me post! Too cute!

BlogBaby (Yup, a BABY who blogs!)

Tutu said...

Very good job on your first Not Me! The beer bottle made me LOL!!

Queen Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh yes, teething is such fun! I discovered honey wheat pretzel braided pretzel sticks when the twins were babies. They make the BEST teethers! Oh, and I've had to pull chewed up cat food out of mouths (so NOT the same as Cheerios!) and once even some sort of bug out of one of their mouths. ICK [makes me shudder too]!

Anonymous said...

A lady bug!! Ugh. said...

Did you say your first not me?

Loved it. It definately gave me the heebeegeebees when my babies mouthed anything and everything!

Thanks for saying hello! ")

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great Not Me post! I am shuddering over the chewed up ladybug. Ewwww! I'm so glad to hear that your baby is doing well with the tubes!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Happy Monday!

Erica said...

Great post! My 15 month old loves to eat dirty socks and shoes!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

I would take a chewed up ladybug over the used band-aid I dug out of my baby's mouth once when we were out someplace -- Yuck! Yuck!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Bravo Bravo!

Great post....I gotta get my big girl panties on and do a Not Me post one of these Mondays.....

I've had my share of pulling some wing-dingers outta my kids mouth!