Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Mondays!

I have followed MckMama's blog for quite some time

I'm thrilled that MckMama and all her MckKids are home, healthy and settling back in to their 'new normal'. Also thrilled she is back to hosting Not Me! Mondays.

Not Me! Mondays can be very theraputic. You basically 'fess up about a few things you've done that week (funny, embarrassing, sentimental)...and pretend that you totally did NOT actually do them! We've all done something we'd like to pretend we certainly did NOT do, so come on over and visit Not Me! Monday and see what we've all NOT been up to

As for me, I did NOT spend my Mother's Day with a horrific headache and a child who has 103 fever, that would not really be much fun for Mother Day.

I've also NOT been looking over my summer calendar and have NOT been increasingly frustrated to find that almost every weekend of June and July and August are already booked up with places we need to be and events we need to attend. When are we going to find time to move into our new house?

Which brings me to how I am NOT stressed about the whole moving process. Our current home is NOT so cluttered I can't think straight and I am NOT unsure where to start as far as sorting and boxing up all that either needs to be trashed, donated, or moved. I have NOT considered calling the Clean Sweep people from TLC, but then decided I could not handel the embarrassment of letting other people clean out my clutter on a TV show. So I will NOT press on with trying to declutter our current mess once I have healthy kids again.

And right now I am NOT headed to take several advil and a nap, while the kiddos watch Space Buddies

Happy Monday Everyone!


~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh I would love The Clean Sweep peeps to cruise by my house....

great post!

Pink Slippers said...

Just found your blog via Not me Monday.
Mommy to six soon to be 7!

Scuba Girl said...

Hey, Heather, it's the snake Not Me-er. Check out . She has excellent advice/guidance on how to pack/de-clutter/get rid of junk whether you're moving or not! It's a free website and service (they will send out reminder emails if you sign up for them), and give great no-nonsense advice on how to get rid of your useless stuff! Painlessly!

lollipops said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog! You were my first commenter!

You have a gorgeous family!

I can totally relate about the moving ordeal...I'm going through it myself. My move date is next Monday, and I'm totally pulling my hair out of my head!

Blessings to you and your family!

All My Monkeys said...

If I could get a combo of Clean Sweeps and Home Makeover, my life would ROCK. Well, it already does, but it would rock more.

Thanks for commenting my page. Nice to see who your visitors are, and check out another blogger.