Wednesday, December 02, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments #2

I just love the ideas my friend Carrie comes up with!! First the Alphabitty Moments and now 25 Days of Christmas Ornaments. Please visit her blog to see the MckLinky and take part or just to look at all the beautiful ornaments and stories that other bloggers are posting.


The ornament I am showing today is another memory from my childhood. A good friend of my mom's used to send us these ceramic ornaments each year, different characters each year and she always wrote our names and the year on the back of each ornament. Theirs was always the first Christmas package to arrive, usually weeks before Christmas and we would beg my mom to let us open it because we knew the ornaments were inside. I used to love the Smurfs show and it was a very exciting year when I opened my package to find Smurfette.


Kathy said...

Oh that is a cool idea, too bad we dont get our tree till sunday...

Amy said...

I loved the smurfs! I remember the days of many ceramic ornaments :-)