Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #7

This weeks Homeschool Memoirs theme over at is about snack food. Mmmm ... I love my snack food :-) We were invited to share what snack foods our family usually snacks on throughout the week:

tostito chips (sometimes with cheese and salsa)
apples (sometimes with dip)
hardboiled eggs
cheese cubes
ham cubes
popcorn, popcorn and more popcorn
and one of our greatest weaknesses over here is making several batches of chocolate chip cookies a week

Unless of course you want to count my greatest weekness:


Nicole said...

You're lucky your chocolate chips actually make it into cookies. Ours usually get eaten straight out of the bag. :)

Victoria said...

I LOVE Ben & Jerry's. We used to live in Vermont with a B&J scoop shop right down the road. Good thing it was back in my younger days!:)

samantha said...

We love our chocolate chip cookies too!!

Shawnee said...

We love chocolate chip cookies and Ben & Jerry's. In Buffalo, we had a Ben & Jerry's store where I used to go when I was dating my husband. He used to take me there because he was shocked I had never been to a B&J store before. :)
Have a blessed week!