Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #8

This weeks Homeschool Memoirs theme over at is about Study spots, where does your homeschooling and learning take place? Do you have a favorite spot?

We do have a "school room", we actually added on to our house while I was pregnant with dear child #4 - by the way I strongly recommend NOT having major remodeling done while pregnant ... was not a fun few months, I ended up on bedrest living in a hotel room with three kids and very little sanity. Anyway, back to the topic - we love our school room and used it all the time at first. The kids' computer is kept in there and all our file cabnets and bookshelves. But during my pregnancy with dear child #5 I was again on a lot of bed rest and we got into the habit of gathering the needed books and schooling on mom's bed ... and its become a favorite. I guess there is something comfy and comforting about mama's bed, everyone likes to snuggle up there.


Ruth MacC said...

Hello there,
I liked your photo and so I put it on a post on my blog along with a link to your blog!