Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Celebrate Fall - Thanksgiving

Let's Celebrate Fall at Tiffanie's Blog, Three Peas in a Pod!!!

Today's theme at Tiffanie's Let's Celebrate Fall Extravaganza is Thanksgiving Traditions. Share your family traditions, memories, pictures and funny stories of this great holiday and then sign Mr Linky at Tiffanie's Blog, Three Peas in a Pod

We enjoy our Thanksgivings with family and later tonight I'll try find some pictures of those fun memories over the years. But one memory that jumps out at me is Thanksgiving 1997. My parents wanted to take my then 2 year old dd on her first trip to Disney! We had a fabulous time. We flew in on Thanksgiving and my mom knew we would never get through the airport, to the car rental and to our condo and still feel like grocery shopping for stuff to make a thanksgiving meal. And though, the rest of us said it would be fine to eat out my mom would not hear of Thanksgiving in a restaurant. So we packed all the fixings for thanksgiving dinner in a suitcase! Yes, a turkey, cranberries, potatoes,... all of it. When we arrived at our condo my mom got right to work making our dinner. She did however allow my dad to run out and buy milk, and ice cream. We've spent several Thanksgivings at Disney World over the years now. Its a great time of year to be there! And if you stay for the days immediately following Thanksgiving you get to watch as they put up all the Christmas decorations.


Ella said...

Yes, I have full planning for Thanksgiving…. Will celebrate it with great joy.