Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrate Fall

Let's Celebrate Fall at Tiffanie's Blog, Three Peas in a Pod!!!

Today's theme at Tiffanie's Let's Celebrate Fall Extravaganza is Halloween Past. Our past memories or photos ... hmmm makes me wish my scanner was working ... I have some very cute photos from the years before I kept photos on the computers. But I think these ones from last year are cute, too:

We don't participate in trick-or-treating. I'm really not much for celebrating Halloween, but we do get costumes and goto our church's Fall Festival and our city has a huge bonfire ... I'm talking HUGE, the pile of brush they burn is much bigger than our house! The kids get free hotdogs and chips and cookies. Its sponsored by the police dept. and fire dept. so there are fire engines and cop cars to look at and climb in. Its a fun time.