Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bed Rest at a Hotel

view of the end of my bed

view of the other bed in the room :)

Allen and Zeke looking at the fresh snow

And the best part of staying at a hotel when on bed rest ...
room service for breakfast!

Don't worry ... we are not planning to live in a hotel for 5 weeks like we did when I was pregnant and on be rest with Z in 2005. Our Gus-Gus had a gymnastics meet at a university in Iowa this weekend. I knew I could not goto the meet, since I'm on bed rest, but I did decide to ride along and stay in bed at the hotel. The idea of staying home all by myself, while Allen and the kids were gone for 2 days was not very appealing. And I needed a change of scenery. So here is my view from bed rest for the weekend :)


Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

A change of scenery is needed sometimes. Especially when you're rather stuck in one place. I would've done the same thing.