Monday, February 11, 2008

My Wonderful Hubby

My laptop has obviously been a God send and sanity saver for me over these last few weeks on bed rest, but laying on my side is by far the more comfortable position, but not very agreeable to typing. Works fine for reading stuff online, because I just use my wireless mouse to scroll and click. But when I want to type I either have to lean on my left arm and type only with my right or sit up quite a bit, which can cause my belly to get really hard ... I was telling Allen I needed a break from typing emails for a bit, so I could lay back down & he asked what I meant, so I explained to him what I just explained above. My adorable husband got this huge grin and said "I'll be right back!" When he came back he was carrying an old key board to our desktop computer (kids use it as a toy now). Allen plugged it into my laptop and then I could lay back, put a pillow under my right hip, so I'm not laying on my left side, but tipped that way (laying on my back is very uncomfortable, too). I can rest the key board on my leg and type while lying there and it does not make my belly hard at all!!!! Isn't he just the cutest, smartest, most adorable guy ever!?!? OK, no answers really needed. I know how great he is! Just thought you'd like to see how cute he has me all set up.

Notice: laptop up on a tray, TV and DVD remotes in a basket, so they don't get lost in the covers. And the remote to my stereo is on the window ledge behind me. Plenty of pillows, Z's stuffed puppy, a bottle of coke & my bottle of water, my bible, lotion for dry hands and both a home phone and my cell phone. A couple things you can't see are the card games and chapstick in the bottom of the remote basket and the reading materials in my book bag sitting behind my laptop. Guess this is where I'll stay, at least until I have to pee again


Darlene said...

A big hello from Kansas! Thanks for posting the look much more confortable than I imagined (that's a good thing:)

That's a good hubby you have there, blessings to all!

Rebeca said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I've enjoyed visiting your blog as well. I hope that everything continues to go well with your pregnancy. I was just told yesterday that I need to lie down for an hour each morning and afternoon and that is challenge enough with small children underfoot! I can't imagine having to be on total bedrest, but I know God gives grace according to our need. Bless you as you grow your baby and care for your little ones!