Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

I'm so thankful for Iris over at Sting My Heart for hosting Thankful Thursdays, please check out the other thankful posts, its so inspiring!

My list for this week:

- FOOD! And that I can eat some again. 23 weeks pregnant and I'm finally craving real amounts of food ... and not throwing up.

- Our wiggly baby who reminds me everynight that she is fine by dancing her night away in my ever growing belly.

- Also thankful I finally LOOK pregnant and that the materninty clothes are no longer too big and baggy. Thats such an odd stage when nothing really works. Old clothes were too tight, but maternity were too baggy. Now I get to pull out a whole different wardrobe for the next 3-4 months.

- My oldest daughter, Rosebud, who has been such a blessing to me. She is so helpful at home and with the other kids, but she is also just a joy to hang out with. We love visiting craft stores and coffee shops together.

- Gus-Gus, our talented gymnastics loving son. Somedays his sense of humor can drive me crazy. But he is such a loving big brother to Z. Its fun to see him pick up his little brother and walk off to help Z with a toy or puzzle or whatever.

- O. our Daddy's Shadow boy. He loves all things tractor, trucks, and tools. He may not be as lovingly gentle with little Z. But he loves to kiss and snuggle him, when Z is in the mood. Its precsious! O. is our cuddle bug. Can't ever leave without hugging and loving each family member.

- And the one we've called Baby Z. for so long, just isn't much of a baby now. He talks so clearly now and he can even ski a bit. Makes me "snif" when my "baby" is growing up, but thankful too that he is learning new things everyday.

- I'm thankful for the opportunity to be at home and spend most of each day with these wonderful kiddos.


Melanie said...

Children are such a blessing!

Susan said...

Happy TT to you!

So blessed to read your are finally feeling well enough to eat.

Your daughter is just precious!

Have a blessed day~

Denise said...

Children are such precious gifts from God. Be sweetly blessed dear one.

Marsha said...

What a blessing to be other the sickness ~ now you can enjoy your pregnancy!

Have a blessed weekend and stay warm up there in snow country. It makes me cold just to look at the pictures.

Oh, and thanks for coming by and visiting over at my place this evening. That website is an excellent resource for school projects and Bible class. Do you homeschool? I don't remember if I read that or not.

Have a blessed weekend.

IRENE said...

Oh I so much loved reading your post! Thank you!
I wish you a fully blooming, enriching pregnancy and a safe delivery of a healthy and beautiful baby.
Your eldest sounds much like mine. As she grows I appreciate her company more and more. And yes, I do get tearful as I see my little one growing and not being a baby anymore. I try to remind myself to be thankful for my children and their progress.
May God bless you and your family. Have a lovely weekend, and thanks alot for stopping by and for your heartfelt comment!

fourlittlepenguins said...

They do grow up waaaaay too fast! And your comment on maternity clothes made me laugh. It seemed like when I was pg that everything was either too big or too small and NOTHING ever fit just right!

Darlene said...

I am so happy that you are starting to feel better. Have a fun and blessed weekend!