Saturday, May 24, 2008

Answered Prayers

The last few days have been terribly miserable and uncomfortable for me (8+ months pregnant will cause that). Yesterday I asked some online friends to pray for me this weekend. To pray that I would find a way to be more comfortable or that God would simply improve my attitude and mood. And that's what He did! Thanks for praying Ladies! I'm still huge, on bedrest and uncomfortable, but I've had tons of time to study His Word as I lay here today. You would think a mom on bed rest should have tons of time for prayer and reading everyday, but that has not been true as I still have 4 other kids (2 doing homeschool) who need their mama, even if she is confined to the couch. But God has blessed us with beautiful weather today and my husband is off work, so I've had hours to read and pray (as they have all been outside for hours) and WHAT A DIFFERENCE in my attitude! God has lead me to several verses about enduring. After some online searching He also blessed me and lead me to a few sites for Christian women that I would like to encourage you to visit:

Thirsty for Him

Internet Cafe Devotioans

Forever His

These sites are hosted by some amazing women of God! I found encouragment and great scritpure there. God bless you ladies!


Susan said...

Oh, you are so kind!!! I'm so blessed you are feeling better.

So glad you had some down time and you were refreshed...

Oh boy, this is going to be one GREAT week for you!!

Praying for the special arrival♥