Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday

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What a wonderful verse for the week, we've had!


Denise said...

Be blessed sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for displaying WFW! :) I just love sharing THE WORD, don't you?

okay, everytime I see your picture on the side, you look just like a friend I go to church with lol, except I know it's not her lol

Your baby's b/d is almost the same as my little guys.. he was born on the 27th last year! (5 weeks early though!)

going to go check out your caring bridge site now!

Hugs and prayers!

Tracy said...

Wow, what a beautiful contribution to WFW! Love that! I took a quick jaunt to your caring bridge site...sounds like some great news! Wow, and a new baby just days're one busy lady! Looking forward to stopping back to explore when I have a little more time. Blessings!