Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Uh-oh ... someone asked ...

Someone went and asked me to post about my favorite carriers ... this could be a long post;-)

Oh how I love babywearing! And I can't wait to start wearing our newest little one, once she is out.

My stash at this point is a bit "boyish looking" since my last three babies have been boys, so I'm looking forward to investing in some pink this time around ;-)

Here are a few photos of some of my favorites:

Probably what I consider my "most comfy wrap type carrier" is
My Storchenwiege Woven Wrap (plus I really like the colors)

After Zeke was born I discovered Mei Tais for the first time, thanks to another LLL Leader ... Love my mei tais now! Not sure how I lived without them.
My first mei tai was a Freehand Mei Tai:
This one turned out to be my dd's favorite one to use when she wears her brother

I have purchased and used a Sachi Mei Tai:
(yep we really were standing in our snow filled back yard)

But the Mei Tai I ended up using the MOST was my Maya Tie:

I do also own a Didymos Wrap, and though its not as comfy as my Storchenwiege Wrap, I like it bacause I got the one with the LLL logo on it. Had to have a friend of a friend pick this up in Germany for me:

And then there is my tried and true ring slings ... thats where it all started for me. I was first introduced to ring slings and babywearing at a LLL meeting when we lived in WA. I'll have to try dig up a photo of that one and scan it in (that was pre digital cameras, you know). Since then I have continued to get one brand new Over The Shoulder Baby Holder (otherwise known as OTSBH) sling for each new baby. I like the OTSBH in the newborn and tiny infant stage, then I tend to move on to Maya Wrap ring sling. Over the years I have learned to do about anything with babay or toddler in a sling, including tie dying!

Here are photos of my favorite Maya Wrap ring sling:

If you check back I'll post a few photos of some of our travels with our OTSBH slings ... but gotta scan those in :-)

Also soon to come, I'll add photos of new baby in her pretty pink floral OTSBH ring sling. But have to wait till she is actually born and I feel like having my photo taken :-)

And I should probably add:

A great place to read reviews on each kind of carrier is www.thebabywearer.com

My favorite place to order new slings and wraps
is Attached to Baby

My wraps are:
and Didymos

My Mei Tais are:
A Maya Tai
and a Sachi

My Ring Slings are:
Maya Wrap Ring Sling
Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

And if you would like to hear from other babywearing mama's and see some of their favorites please visit: Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love reading about your carriers! And now I really really want to try a Storchenwiege wrap!


Miche said...

Your slings are so pretty! I really want to try a ring sling now that I am seeing all the pictures of babywearers using theirs! Im due with my second the beginning of july! Im so excited we will have more babies to wear!

half pint pixie said...

I'm another Storch fan, they're so strong and comfy and such amazing colours!

Nicole said...

I loved reading this post. I wish I would've allowed myself to do this with my babies. Especially since I was home with them. I sort of succumbed to that thinking of not wanting them to get "used" to being held all the time. Since then I've learned otherwise and love seeing babies all cozy and cuddly against their mama. Thanks for sharing your pictures and I'm praying for a smooth and uncomplicated delivery of your little girl!

Jenny said...

I have always loved that rainbow Stork wrap. The leader of my babywearing group has one and it's beautiful! I'd like to get a non-stretchy wrap, but first I'm going to try to make my own carrier, maybe a podaegi. It'd probably be easier to make a sling but I already have five of those.

I love your pictures! We have almost zero snow here. How neat that your daughter is learning babywearing! She'll already be savvy when she has her own kids :-)

erika~ the inspired mama said...

pretty stash! i LOVE woven wraps~ they are great for big chunky babes like mine, lol!! :)

Heather said...

love the stash you have! can't wait to see pics of the new baby in her pink sling.