Thursday, April 02, 2009

I love photography, looking at other peoples photography, photography books, photography sites, taking pictures ... just love it!
And having 5 kids provides me lots of opportunity to take pictures. They are not always happy about this love of mine, but I think that 30 or 40 years from now when they have pictures of their childhood to show their children they might be happy I was so photo obsessed.

Anyway I was thrilled to find
They have a great contest each week

This week's kids contest theme was "pouting". My kids have an incredible gift for this theme.

Since you can only enter one photo per contest, I am not entering the contest this week ... instead I thought I would post about and get a shot of each of my 5 kiddos pouting ;-)

Now my kiddos really are good at pouting, but they are not thrilled about doing it on cue, so this is the best I could get today:

I think they might lose thier talent for this as they get older ... becuase My Rosebud is just not as good at the pouty face as she used to be